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Safety at Caseys Rides is our number one priority.  We take safety serriously and employ a top notch inspection and maintenance program to ensure that our equipment is in tip top shape.

Rider Responsibility

Riders also play an important role in having a safe trip to the carnival. It is very important that riders are responsible and follow posted rules and restrictions for their own safety.  We recommend the following general safety rules:

  • Read posted signs and regulations on each ride or attraction.
  • Walk, do not run on the midway or ride platforms.
  • Stay seated until the ride has come to a complete stop and until the ride operator has given you permission to get off the ride.
  • Ensure that all safety devices are secure and tight.
  • Watch a complete cycle of the ride or attraction you wish to ride before riding it so that you know exactly what it does.
  • Measure your child and do not ride any rides that he/she does not meet the posted height requirement for.

Ride Safety Video

Being safe at the fair starts at home. We encourage parents and children to watch the following safety video to see what you can do to ensure a safe visit to the fair.